About Us

Frankie Kazarian


Frankie Kazarian is a 20 plus year veteran of the professional wrestling game. Having been trained by the legendary hall of famer Walter “Killer” Kowalski, he has enjoyed success in many different promotions including TNA Impact wrestling, WWE, PWG, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and has recently signed with All Elite Wrestling. 

A veteran of the ring, Frankie has traveled the world for two decades perfecting his craft and is respected globally for his ability to adapt to any style on the pro wrestling landscape. He and tag team partner Christopher Daniels are one of the most successful tag teams of this generation capturing titles all across the globe. The duo has added Scorpio Sky to their act and the trio collectively known as SoCal Uncensored (SCU) is among the most popular acts in the sport today. In his down time, Frankie enjoys playing bass guitar in two different bands, music, sports, fine cigars and most importantly spending as much time as he can with his wife, Traci, and son, Rebel. 

Cody Rhodes


Cody Rhodes is a world-famous professional wrestler, actor, and along with the Young Bucks, created, promoted, and produced the “The Biggest Indie Wrestling Show in History”, All In. Featured on the YouTube series: Being The Elite.

Cody is currently Executive Vice-President for the groundbreaking new wrestling company, All Elite Wrestling.

Married to Brandi Rhodes, they reside in Georgia with their two dogs.

Aaron Gulbransen


Aaron Gulbransen runs the day to day operations of American Rebel Cigars. He’s worked as a cigar lobbyist, on the retail side of the cigar industry, and is the author of the novel Smoke Filled Rooms. He’s a radio & podcast host as well.

Aaron had been a cigar aficionado, an issues lobbyist and political operative for nearly two decades. Having worked on numerous campaigns, he has been involved with elections that range from the local school board to the US Presidency. He’s appeared on Face the Nation, MSNBC, TMZ, and various national media broadcasts over the years.

Cigars, Pro Wrestling, Sports, and comedy are personal passions of his. Aaron lives in Virginia, with his wife, Dr. Krystal Gulbransen. 

Our Cigar Stories

Kaz's Cigar Story


“My appreciation and fascination for and with cigars started many years ago. I always was intrigued by the 'gentleman’s smoke' Be it in mafia movies where the boss would offer someone a fine cigar, or a tough guy like Clint Eastwood chomping on a stick while hunting down a bad guy in the west. Over a decade ago, I stumbled upon a cigar blend that I really enjoyed. This took me down the wormhole to explore similar cigars with similar blends and also many different blends. This allowed me to broaden my pallet and has increased my enjoyment of cigars.


With American Rebel, I am beyond excited to share this very enjoyable cigar with the masses. Along with fellow aficionados Cody Rhodes & Aaron Gulbransen, we are very thrilled to bring you not only a top of the line cigar, but one we all enjoy ourselves and back 100%. I’m excited to share this passion with you all and am looking forward to you enjoying an American Rebel.” - Frankie Kazarian 

Aaron's Cigar Story


"Imagine a community in this day and age where it doesn't matter if you're black or white, rich or poor, educated or uneducated. Imagine a community where everyone is accepted and everyone’s an equal. Imagine a community where people can discuss and disagree about politics, God, and even sports without throwing chairs at each other. Imagine a community where people of all backgrounds show each other respect, share stories about life, tell all kinds of jokes, and laugh with one another. That is the cigar community. That has been my life. We are American Rebel. 

Cigars in so many ways have enriched my life and I'm so happy to bring the American Rebel Cigar experience to the world with Cody and Frankie." - Aaron Gulbransen

Cody's Cigar Story


 “I have always had a passion for cigars. Whether it be because of my Cuban mother or the fact that some of my father’s career highlights happened in the cigar haven of Ybor City; cigars have been been in my life, whether sharing with friends or lighting one up after a successful outing in the ring.  

We’re excited to bring American Rebel Cigars to market. I’m excited to share a passion of mine with the fans.”
– Cody Rhodes